Guided Bike Tour

We have organised daily bike tours throughout the week with Kandani to give you the chance to explore the island a little.
9am - Monday 17th Introductory Level £32
9am - Tuesday 18th Advanced Level
9am - Wednesday 19th
Introductory Level
9am - Thursday 20th
Advanced Level
9am - Friday 21st Intermediate Level

Ready for an exciting bike tour? The island of Ibiza offers everything necessary for the biker who just wants to enjoy the tour as well as for the more professional biker looking to improve its performance. We have organized the tours by color levels, from the green for the simplest tours, to the black color for the most difficult and demanding tours. Consult our wide catalog of guided activities. Remember that we also organize and prepare customized activities for you or your group of friends.

You can see more about the bike tours here: