Hydra Island

Hydra Island, one of the Argo Saronic Greek islands, is cosmopolitan, safe and one of the most beautifully unique of the Greek islands to visit because the entire island is a preserved national monument having retained all its 17th & 18th century charm and quaintness. Due to the the exclusion of vehicles it really does have an ambience of being left untouched. It’s picturesque beauty and stunning locations are exceptionally romantic, making this island the one of choice for weddings... which adds an extra sense of magic for visitors and onlookers as the ceremonies pass through the streets. From the ruins of Episcopi, the mansions of the main town - many having been converted into hotels - to the numerous chapels, churches and monasteries, every building has a story to tell. And YogaFit are excited to offer an excursion to the island which has inspired poets, writers and artists, produced great sea admirals and given Greece no less than 5 Prime Ministers since the Greek War of Independence of 1821. Alongside breathtaking views and beaches, this trip will be dripping with Greek culture, architecture and tradition.

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