YogaFit Retreats Team


At the core of our team is a family.
We; Lindsay, Ken (sister and brother) and Antonia (Ken's wife) have an ambition of creating an environment that is welcoming to all. Running these retreats is a dream come true, as we are able to follow our passion; providing space for relaxation, fun and growth.
Of course this wouldn't be possible without a 'little help from our friends'. Our team of incredible instructors has become an extended family who welcome with open arms every guest to join in our ever-growing community.
Below you can see the amazing instructors. All vocational teachers, thriving on helping people learn and develop. This really is the best adventure any of us have been on and we hope that you join us very soon.
  Antonia Johnston Lisa Cuerden - Yoga Alex Fitness Mama Amy Breathe Studio Arnie  Charlotte   Jayne Joe Houze Libby Martyn Mike Nathan  Rachel Holmes Rachel LaLa Tigers Sara  Sharnelle  Javi Jono Lisa Strong